Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Well, this weekend I made a trip out to the Palm Springs area to see my aunt and take a mini vacation. It was an excellent trip although my exhaustion put a damper on some things. My pregnancy also meant that we had to forgo the planned hot air balloon ride, bummer.

Overall, I'm doing well. I did throw up after a particularly large meal over the weekend and again this morning after taking too long in the shower and overheating. I'm feeling run down and nauseous and continuing to lose weight.

My little baby though has graduated to fetus status and it is about the size of a large raspberry. By the end of the week it will be about as big as an olive. It has arms and legs and moves them. In the next week or so it's developing facial features and some bones. By the time I get back to the doctor in April it will be over two inches long!

I've told a few more people. A close friend who is about to be off the grid for a month (trip to Japan, lucky girl!), my aunt, a friend planning a Vegas trip (told her because I'm demanding a bed and not sleeping on the floor). It's really nice to get to talk about it. It's also really nice to be letting people know that I'm more pregnant than I was at either miscarriage.

Days Pregnant: 61
Days to go: 219

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