Saturday, March 13, 2010


My dad is coming for a visit this weekend! This is great news, it's been years since he's been out to see me. The bad news is that the airline cancelled his flight and didn't tell him and booked him to get her 14 hours later, so we miss out on some of the time. Oh well. At least that gives me time to catch up from my very busy week and get my apartment clean. Thank you Eric for helping out with that!

So dad coming means I get to tell him! That means I will also now tell my in-laws. I can't believe I've been mostly keeping this a secret for 5 weeks. I'm so bad at my own secrets. At least the ones I want to share.

It's still going to be the week after Easter before I tell the world, but you know, time is moving along and that's good.

Days Pregnant: 66
Days to go: 214

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