Monday, March 29, 2010

And now for something completely different

I had a request for my egg salad recipe! I figured that since that recipe is so simple (I have simple tastes) I would also post my soup recipe, because why not. Also, maybe eventually my husband will read this and learn how to make my soup!

Egg salad
Hard boil eggs
Let eggs cool some and break them into small pieces. Usually I use an egg slicer, but mine bit the dust with the last making of the egg salad. Next time I'll probably just use my hands or a knife.
Add some mayonnaise or miracle whip, depending on preference. I use approximately a teaspoon and a half per egg, but I really just break up a few eggs and use a regular heaping spoonful of mayonnaise. Mix it together with a fork. I'm a lazy cook who doesn't measure many things.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Like I said, really simple.

Chicken and Rice Soup
Last week I made a huge pot of soup and ate on it all week, yum.

Half a pre-cooked chicken
2 cups of rice
Some chicken broth or bouillion

1. Start 4-6 cups of water boiling. Add the rice and the chicken broth/bouillon.
2. Once the water is at a boil, turn it down to a simmer.
3. Wash and cut up the carrots, celery and broccoli. Make the pieces for the carrots and celery bite size, the broccoli can be larger than that.
The chopping usually takes me about 10-20 minutes. That's how long I let the rice cook for.
4. Add the veggies to the soup. Also add a couple of bay leaves.
5. Let cook for 20-30 minutes.
6. Add more water to the pot to return it to the original level. Let return to a boil.
7. Cut up the pre-cooked chicken. I usually just rip it off the bone with my fingers. Any type of meat is ok for this. I usually use an entire half chicken, breast, leg, wing... that's about the right amount of chicken for my tastes.
8. Add to pot and let return to a boil.
9. Season to taste. I use poultry seasoning (about 1-2 Tbs), onion flakes (1-2 Tbs), garlic powder (1-2 tsp) and will often throw in something like herbs de province.
10. I usually add fresh cracked black pepper to the soup when I serve it. I don't like to cook it into the pot.

This will make a LARGE amount of soup. Probably 8-10 servings. Like I said, I eat on it all week

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