Monday, March 22, 2010

Headaches: Day 4

Pfft. I went almost two months without a headache... although as I write that I am remembering the migraine that I had a couple of weeks ago. But aside from that one migraine, I have been headache free. However, on Friday night I had this thought that I wanted a glass of wine. I mean, not that I acted on it, but I just thought about wine and I got a terrible headache. I had another headache on Saturday, a third on Sunday and today marks day 4. Maybe this is a low grade migraine that is persisting day to day, I don't know. This is not normal for me. I think this is the first pregnancy symptom (is it even that?) that I'm not really ok with.

On the bright side, I finally mustered some energy and made a big pot of chicken soup for dinner. It should be good to my stomach and give me food to eat for the week. I don't know that I'll actually be able to eat the same thing for days on end, but I'm going to try.

Days Pregnant: 75
Days to go: 205

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