Monday, March 29, 2010

More myths confirmed.

Pop culture has lead me to believe things like, when you are pregnant your hair stops falling out and your nails get really strong. Ok, they really lead me to believe that the prenatal vitamins you take are the cause for this. After more than a year on prenatals I can report that the vitamins themselves are not the cause for much of anything in the hair or nail region.

That said, pregnancy is in fact the magic reason for nail strength and hair thickness. My nails haven't broken in over a month. That is absolutely insane to me. I have incredibly weak nails usually and I have at least one bad break a week. Not anymore. They're all long and gorgeous. I'm already dreaming of the french manicure I am going to go and get next week!

And my hair. Ok, I have thick hair anyway, but I am aware of how much of it falls out because I end up cleaning most of it up. It's not falling out anymore. Apparently pregnancy turns off the mechanism that causes your hair to fall out on a regular basis. Unlike say, increased sense of smell, I don't really see a biological reason for this, but it's interesting. I went and got a haircut yesterday with a lot of layers put into it because it had gotten so thick and almost unmanageable.

In any case, it's interesting to me to learn which pregnancy myths are true: thick hair, strong nails, powerful sense of smell, popping; and which aren't: cravings... that may be the only one that's been dis-proven so far. Interesting. Also, fewer than 200 days to go!

Days Pregnant: 82
Days to go: 198


  1. who is that whole foods person commenting on your blog? and hey, i'd like a post about the recipe for your egg salad, i love egg salad.

  2. Heh, the whole foods person is my mother. She is very up on food/organic/health safety and she's all for me shopping at whole foods. She has good intentions and she knows I'm lazy and don't want to shop at multiple stores.

    I'll post my recipe for egg salad but you're going to find it a little disappointing, it's really simple :)