Monday, May 21, 2012

First day back at work and Mother's day

Today was the end of my time home with the boys. I went back to work! And both boys went to daycare.

So that meant that both Eric and I got up at 6:30am so that he could shower while I got ready and then got Scott up, Eric took over and then I got Jeremy up. It was the first day back, so we were rusty and slow and it took us a while. But we all managed to get out the door at 7:15am, which overall isn't too bad. I am a little tired now, but getting back to work was good.

I love my kids, but I want them to be a big part of my life, not my whole life. For 2.5 months having them be my whole life was too much.

I haven't written about my 2nd mother's day yet. It went well. I asked Eric for a night out without the kids (and him, since someone had to watch them). I found a couple of girl friends to go to a movie with me on Saturday night and it was my first break from the kids since Jeremy's birth. Two thumbs up. We had a nice brunch and mostly took it easy on Sunday. On Monday we took Jeremy on his trip to Disneyland! It went really well and he was a champ! Scott liked going back as well. This was probably our last trip until the fall... sad!

And that's the "I'm back at work" update (shhh, nevermind that I got distracted and didn't post this for almost a month of being back!).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Period started at 7 weeks

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. Sure, it's fun to feel your new little family member rolling around inside of you, and some people will give you special treatment (not my husband for the most part), but really, pregnancy is difficult. Morning sickness, heartburn, clothing not fitting, ever shifting center of gravity, needing to pee all the time, stretch marks... the list goes on.

But one perk women typically get is that they don't have their period for months after! At least, not when they are breastfeeding on demand. But not me, I don't get that perk.

Last time I had some stuck placenta, so I bled for 6 weeks, had a check-up, got diagnosed, and had a D&C at 7 or 8 weeks (was still bleeding), then bled for another 2 weeks... so I got 10 weeks straight of bleeding after having my oldest. Then I went back to work at 11 weeks and had a period about a month later, I thought because I had started to pump. This time the bleeding had basically stopped at 5 weeks! So today, at just after 7 weeks post delivery, my period started again. I am exclusively breastfeeding on demand. NOT OK. I got about 2 weeks off from bleeding. That's absurd. And not fair.

Stupid body. I'm not ready for a new baby (or to start trying to have one anyway), you are confused.