Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magic Maker!

Easter is two weeks away. This morning on the radio there was some discussion about what age you start to hide eggs for kids. It is slowly dawning on me that there is so much more to parenting than just making sure the kid is fed, entertained and clothed. I get to make the holiday magic happen! My parents were awesome! I mean, they had me believing in Santa for way too long, and I got Easter baskets through college! I had too many cool birthday parties to count and I am pretty sure that they are the sole reason that I threw parties in college and still come up with creative parties for myself today.

Now, I know I had it good, way good. But I think I can do even better. Combining the creative spirit I got from my parents with my engineering mind and the internet I started to dream of the future of holidays in my family. I am SO excited. I get to make the magic. How cool is that?!

Days Pregnant: 76
Days to go: 204

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