Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Afternoon sickness

I throw up most often in the early afternoon. Sure, I occasionally overheat in the shower or eat a really big dinner, but for the most part, my nausea is concentrated after lunch.

I have had it figured out for a while, but I can't quite seem to stop doing it. My problem is that my metabolism is SLOW. Very slow. I've noticed that if I throw up within an hour of eating, my stomach hasn't done anything with what I've put into it. It comes out nearly exactly how it went in and in reverse order. But I don't usually throw up food, I throw up water. Even though I've mostly stopped drinking anything with meals (that's a bummer, let me tell you), I seem to feel a little off after eating and I go through a bunch of water after lunch. I get too full feel queasy and my body fixes it. I have no idea how I'm suppose to drink 10 8oz portions of water a day. It's hard enough to just keep down what I do manage to drink. (I think I typically get 6-8 glasses of water a day).

Days Pregnant: 77
Days to go: 203

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