Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/14/10 - First toy grab
12/16/10 - First time rolling over! back to front

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's time for a photo. I love my little cutie!

In other news, I still don't really fit back into my pre-preg clothes. At two months I'm still about 10 lbs up from where I started. My jeans will zip (well, the bigger pairs) but I'm all muffin topped. Bleh. But that's not the saddest part. I can lose weight (theoretically) and fit back into my clothes. What I can't do is shrink my feet. They're bigger. None of my heels fit. Tragic. I'll post a picture of all the shoes I'm losing when I finish sorting.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loving it!

Having a kiddo is so much cooler than I expected. Sure, he eats, sleeps, poops and cries during like 22 hours a day, and the remaining 2 hours are spread out into short bursts of being awake and happy. But he's so cute, and just brings joy to my life! I can't really get over how happy he makes me.

We went to Disneyland yesterday for the first time for Scott. It was equally fun and hard. He seemed to really enjoy the rides. We went on Small World Holiday, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Pirates of the Caribbean. We also watched the fireworks. The hardest part was just navigating through the crowds with the stroller and needing so much stuff. I'll bring less stuff next time, now that I know that half a dozen diapers are good and I don't really need to bring a ton of breast milk. In fact, I'd probably just give him formula next time, since it doesn't require refrigeration and a bit of formula now and again isn't an issue. And really, he might be eating solid foods the next time we go.

In any case, I'm thinking I will only go back to work if I can work some of my half time from home. I do a lot of editing reports and technical writing, so theoretically it's possible. We'll see if they're ok with that.

Long story short, Scott is awesome and I LOVE parenthood.

Scott is 8 weeks and 1 day old :)