Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Flu like symptoms"

I'm sick. I seriously debated not admitting this to anyone. Yesterday I was at like a 2.5/10 on the sickness scale where 1 is perfectly healthy and 10 is probably the black plague. I thought, hey, this isn't that bad, I can push through.

This morning I woke up at like a 6/10 though. Not as good. I felt pretty terrible and I didn't sleep well. Of course, after being awake for several hours, I'm back down to a 3/10 and I'm feeling like a normal person, albeit a sick one.

I called my mom this morning, got a quick lecture/warning and was then told to call my doctor. I did. I called at 9:07am. I basically said "Hi, I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have flu like symptoms." They took my phone number and told me someone would call me back. It's now two hours later and no one has called. Well, my mom called back to see what they said. Nothing yet.

I think that means that nothing particularly nasty is going around San Diego and that flu like symptoms are a bummer because I can't take anything but aren't so bad otherwise. If I wasn't pregnant I'd expect to feel about 90% by Thursday morning. Pregnant, we shall see.

Days Pregnant: 83
Days to go: 197

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