Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Many different things

First and foremost: Good doctor's appointment! Huzzah! Heartbeat, measured 7weeks 4days, movement... all excellent. Due date prediction 10/15/10.

Secondly, I finally busted out some maternity jeans tonight since I had to go back to work and I didn't feel like wearing yoga pants (not to mention I don't have any in appropriate colors). Oh man, so comfortable! Seriously enjoying these and wondering if I can wear them on a more regular basis, even though I'm only "8 weeks". I look pregnant, I feel pregnant, so even though I've lost 5 lbs, I have an expanding mid section. We shall see.

Thirdly, I have good ultrasound photos. Now I want to tell (some select few) people. But I want to tell my dad before I start telling more of my friends. And I want to tell my dad in person, because I can! He'll be here in a week and a half. I suppose I can wait, but I'm so excited now!

Fourthly, next doctor's appointment at 12 weeks.

Days Pregnant: 55
Days to go: 225

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