Thursday, April 22, 2010

A post, in two parts

Two part post today:

Part I: New Bad Smells
Last night I went out to dinner with Eric to something called "Wild Game Month" at one of our favorite restaurants. It consisted of a four course pre-fix menu that included some wild produce and quail, venison and boar. Not my favorite food ever, but the venison was in a soup and was really quite delicious. Everything was going fine until we hit the boar coarse. The food was in front of me for about three seconds when I realized that something was terribly, horribly wrong. I tried to eat a few of the things on my plate before I realized that I was being bothered by the smell of the bacon that was wrapped around the boar. It was some kind of smoked bacon and it was Horrid. I haven't had too many moments in this pregnancy of the cliche pregnant woman behavior, but last night I had that moment. I literally pushed the food away and dove into my virgin mojito to cleanse my pallet of the offensive smell. It was one of the more nauseating things I've encountered in the last 3ish months.

Fortunately, our waitress was pretty awesome and quickly saw what I had done and boxed up my plate of food. Unfortunately, whenever Eric was cutting or otherwise moving the bacon on his plate the smell hit me full force.

So my growing list of foods/smells I can't deal with: Garlic, Bacon, anything smoked.

Part II: I don't know when it happened, but I woke up today just completely run down. It took me an hour to talk myself into coming to work today. And I only did that because there were a few things that really needed to get done TODAY. But I'm half way through my tasks and I intend to go home in a couple of hours. I really need a day off it seems. I've been pushing too hard and I apparently have hit the wall.

Days Pregnant: 106
Days to go: 174

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