Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 in 100

I just read a really staggering statistic. About 1% of the American population is composed of pregnant women. At first I was like that's huge, there's no way that's true. But then I thought about it more. So ~50% (maybe 51%?) of the American population is female. That means that each woman must spend 2% of her life pregnant for that statistic to be true. Let's say that I live for 100 years, to be easy. That means I only need to spend 2 years of my life pregnant, or I must be pregnant for 2.7 kids. Accounting for the women that never have children and the women that have a dozen children, that's probably about right.

Statistics are neat. And apparently I'm only 1 in 100 right now.

Days Pregnant: 105
Days to go: 175

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