Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Thoughts

I went to Vegas over the weekend for a Bachelorette party. Instead of posting about that, I'm going to instead muse on something that was brought up to me while I was with the 9 other girls.

It seems that the consensus among my childless female friends is that the mother of an unborn child adopts the preferences, aversions and allergies of her unborn child while it is inside of her. For example, my friend Heather's mother became allergic to birds while she was pregnant. The allergy went away when Heather was born, but Heather has this allergy. Likewise, another girls mother started to crave all kinds of strange foods like pickled herring. When her daughter was born, the kid did indeed like really flavorful odd foods. This mother, however, kept the taste for these foods.

So my very generic conclusion from this (and a few things I'm not writing about) is that if I'm developing new tastes and desires while pregnant, my kid will have those same tastes. I will also likely keep the new tastes after the kid is born. And things I don't like now my kid will not have any sort of taste for, but I will probably like again after my kid is born.

So, back to the here and now. My kid loves fresh fruits and vegetables. Like, to the point that I was feeling terrible after lunch today (pizza), so I ran to the store and bought some fresh fruit and half way into eating it I feel like 10x better! I've learned to like avocado and pickles. The only food I can tell that my kid won't like at all is garlic. Fresh bread will also be high on my kids list of good food, but processed carbs (like goldfish or tortilla chips) aren't going to be favorites. This kid is also not going to be terribly interested in sugary foods of any sort, besides fruit. Fortunately for me, meat seems to be a perfectly acceptable food, if not a favorite. Meat has never made me feel bad. But this kid won't be saying "Meat, mmm" as it's first word.

All in all, this kid will be good for my eating habits both in utero and when I'm trying to shop for my family.

Days Pregnant: 97
Days to go: 183

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