Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big list of things I can't have

I think this is more for me than it is for you, but I'm going to compile a big list of foods that I'm not suppose to eat and why. I'm going to put them in what I consider the order of seriousness. Some are based on scientific fact, some are based on "old wives tales" which may or may not have some scientific basis, depends on how much I feel like researching.

-Alcohol - Can cause fetal alcohol syndrome.which can cause facial deformities, heart problems, low birth weight and mental retardation.
-Seafood High in Mercury - Too much mercury may damage your baby's developing nervous system.
* Swordfish
* Shark
* King mackerel
* Tilefish
-Raw, undercooked or smoked seafood - To avoid ingesting harmful bacteria or viruses
-Processed Meats (unless heated to steaming hot) - They can be sources of a rare but potentially serious food-borne illness known as listeriosis.
* Hot Dogs
* Lunch Meats
* Beef Jerky - may also contain toxoplasmosis.
-Soft Unpasteurized Cheeses - Also may contain listeriosis.
-Unpasteurized Juices - Also may contain listeriosis.
-Raw or undercooked eggs - May contain bacteria like salmonella.
-Unwashed fruits and vegetables - May be contaminated with bacteria like salmonella.
-Caffeine - Varying schools of thought, but everyone agrees that too much can cause low birth weight, miscarriage or still birth. Lower quantities are up for debate.
-Herbal Teas - The herbs in them may cause premature contractions.
-Pineapples and pineapple juice - May cause premature contractions.

There might be more but that's all my sad little brain can handle right now. Maybe I'll update as I keep researching and find out that I also can't eat jelly beans or white rice.

Days Pregnant: 104
Days to go: 176

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