Saturday, February 6, 2010

Video game workouts

There are very entertaining conflicting ideas out there between maintaining physical activity through pregnancy and taking it easy, basically listening to your body. I, you know 3 days in and still mildly light on symptoms, am going to try to walk the center line. I am not a particularly active person in my normal, non-pregnant life, but I always want to be. I'd love to be one of those fabulously thin athletic people who are always full of energy and going for runs. But I'm frankly pretty normal. Oh well.

During this early stage of pregnancy I have decided to work out with a Wii game. Just Dance to be exact. I bought it for myself with some christmas amazon gift cards. While it's merit as a traditional video game is pretty lacking, I enjoy being able to just get up and move for 20-30 minutes in the comfort of my living room. I have a long history of dance, so this video game is fun without being too taxing. I have been trying to do 5 songs a day for now. I missed yesterday because my husband came home from work early and I didn't get my living room to myself, but I've hit 5 days in the last week thanks to a bonus unexpected session today. I don't know if it'll help me keep my pregnancy weight in check, but I do hope that by getting my heart rate up I can at least maintain a reasonable amount of energy. We shall see.

Days Pregnant: 31
Days to go: 249

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