Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little purple(?) line

I found out today that I am pregnant. Hooray! Not bad considering my new year's resolution was to find myself in the family way. As of today, Feb 4th, I am 4 weeks pregnant. For those of you not in the know, pregnancy time is this really odd way of counting that starts when a woman begins her last period. Pfft... so in reality, my little seed of joy (because it's poppy seed sized at this point) is like 2 weeks old and has been attached to me for probably 2 days.

Whenever I hear anyone talk about a pregnancy test I sort of have the phrase "Little blue line" stuck in my head. Maybe little pink line if I really try. Or a plus sign. But my tests, now that I think about them, they have purple lines. How odd. That either means that Hollywood got it wrong or that my bargain bin tests are different than the expensive ones. Dunno. Did you know that a drug store wants to charge you like $10 for something that you can get online for like 50 cents? I mean sure, I have to miss out on the fun of actually peeing on a stick in favor of collecting my pee and dipping something in it. And my pregnancy tests are thin and flimsy and don't come with instructions. But come on, this is the "green" era and my tests have way less waste!

Know what is super frustrating? Having this HUGE life altering news and not being able to tell anyone. I'm trying to be all good and not tell people right away in case the tiny thing inside of me decides not to get any bigger. I mean yeah, I have joined message boards and started thinking about baby room colors, but the first twelve weeks are considered the "danger zone." Hey, at least I'm already 4 weeks into that, right? So those pregnancy groups I joined have all of these nutty acronyms for various things. Like LMP - last menstrual period. Or EDD - estimated due date. There will be none of that nonsense here. I am a fan of proper grammar, correct spelling and whole words.

Ok, given that I've known I was pregnant for all of 9 hours and not a lot has happened I will wrap up for today. More exciting things to come! At least I hope.

Days Pregnant: 29
Days to go: 251

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