Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going out with people who don't know

Last night I went out downtown with friends to celebrate a birthday! It was a great night out with our typical assortment of bar hopping and happy hours with one exception. I can't drink, and I can't tell them why I can't drink. It was mostly fine, but a little boring. I ordered a pina colada (virgin) at the Tiki place and it came in a fun glass and I enjoyed it. When we got to the beer place I got a root beer that they brought to me in the bottle, even though everyone else got theirs in glasses. I felt lame but just didn't address the issue myself really. The kicker for the lameness of the night was when everyone else wanted to head to a cigar bar as location #4 and I had to bail on the evening claiming that I didn't want my coat (my nice wool one) to smell like cigar. That part was true, but seriously everyone looked at me like I had grown a second nose. I'll be happier in a couple of weeks when I have gone to the doctor and been given the thumbs up and can tell people.

This week I get to contend with going out to drinks with one of my best friends and one of our former coworkers without telling anyone. I understand why I'm keeping this secret, but it's obnoxious anyway.

Days Pregnant: 32
Days to go: 248

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