Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mourning the loss of a friend

Mothers are suppose to be frustrating, telling us things we need to do for our own benefit. Their pieces of advice aren't always easy to hear and often result in bickering, but the role of a mother is an important one.

My own mother has been nagging me about various things since I got pregnant this time. One of these things has finally sunk in and I'm giving in to her requests. I have decided it is time to say goodbye to caffeine. Not forever, maybe not even for the rest of the pregnancy, but for the rest of the trimester. That means nearly 6 weeks with no morning pick-me-up or afternoon pick-me-up.

I bid farewell to my beloved caffeine this morning with a cup of dishwater decaf coffee and a salute. Caffeine, you are loved and will be missed.

Days Pregnant: 45
Days to go: 235

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