Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swollen Feet!

This post will start the series of posts that I wanted to make while I was on vacation but never got around to writing.

June 10
Ok, so most of my pregnancy symptoms have been fairly mild. I had morning sickness, but it was more of a general bickering with food and less an all out war. I had exhaustion, but I managed to get to work every day. I have an increased sense of smell, but for the most part it didn't impact my life. Nose bleeds were pretty sever, but workable.

Today, I have a SERIOUS problem. My feet and ankles are SO swollen. I'm sure it's because it's hot and humid here and I'm spending a lot of time either sitting or standing. But man, I can't believe that my ankles actually doubled in size they way they have. It's absurd.

Update: I'm home, back to colder, dryer weather and my feet are back to normal now, 36 hours after getting home. My ankles are still a little puffy, but I'm not even sure I would have noticed it if they hadn't puffed up so big a week ago.

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