Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More uncommon pregnancy symptoms

I guess these aren't really all that uncommon, but they aren't often talked about anyway. I mean, compared to throwing up and needing to only lay on your side, these seem pretty minimal.

First, I'm itchy. Not just where my skin is stretching out, although certainly there, but EVERYWHERE. Particularly my arms and legs, but maybe those are just the easiest to reach and so they get the most attention. I actually scratched a patch of my upper belly raw this morning. Lotion helps, but does not make it go away. I'm hopeful that the really humid air in Hawaii next week will help!

Second, I just noticed that my belly is covered in hair. I knew this was a possibility, but I hadn't previously noticed any hair there. Ah, it's there today. But the internet tells me that it's safe to wax and it's relatively sparse, so I will be taking care of that today. It is pretty dark though, so even though it's sparse, I'm excited it's easy enough to remove. Ppfft.

These uncommon symptoms aren't as entertaining as the fetal movement.

Days Pregnant: 149
Days to go: 131

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