Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flying while Pregnant

Flying while pregnant is fine. With a couple of exceptions anyway. The flight to Hawaii was seriously a nightmare. In front of me I had two grown adults who didn't sleep but insisted on reclining their seats all the way. I got a break from it during dinner when they asked everyone to sit up. Behind me I had a little kid who was maybe 1 year old who was allowed to repeatedly kick my seat, play with the tray table and sometimes nursed. Reclining into a woman who is trying to nurse is terrible. Also, reclining was not a comfortable position for me anyway. So I had so little space in my seat that I couldn't even open my laptop all the way. Maybe I could have if I hadn't been pregnant, but the laptop couldn't slide any closer to me to get open. Pfft. Oh and did I mention the screaming kid in the next isle over? Not so much a restful start to a vacation.

But I just thought that was bad. Ha. The flight home got delayed so late that it went from a 1pm departure time to a MIDNIGHT departure time. That means instead of landing at 9pm we landed at 8am. A red eye while pregnant is just absurd. I still couldn't recline and I can't really lay on my back. Oh, and I had 2 seats (thank you extremely nice desk agent!!) to myself, but I couldn't bring my knees up far enough to lay down on them. Pffft. Not being able to bend in half is obnoxious.

Oh well, I'm here, have slept 11 hours in my own bed (nap and night's sleep) and now I'm feeling human again. And when I mention it to people they just tell me to get use to being sleep deprived. Yay kids!.

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  1. Sleep dep sucks. Don't get used to it.