Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So how old are you?

So, to date exactly one person has said anything about the possibility of me being pregnant. And looking back on it, I'm not even really sure I interpreted that conversation correctly. In any case, I've had to tell everyone and virtually everyone has acted really surprised and told me I'm not really showing. Phooie, I am. My waist is now 12 inches larger than when I got pregnant. That's a LOT.

The reason for the post though, is that I keep having the conversation with people at my company. To be fair, they all started working at the company somewhere around the time I was born (within a few years), so they are clearly my elders. That said, all of them are super touchy about commenting on my weight or how I look, but about half of them have felt it ok to ask me my age. I feel like you never ask a woman what she weighs or how old she is. Now, I don't care, and they all know I've only been out of college a few years, I just find it odd that no one asks if I'm pregnant but they're all ok talking about my age.

Just a note.

Days Pregnant: 148
Days to go: 132

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