Monday, June 28, 2010


Good things!:
  • I bought a house (I know, whoa!)
  • I'm almost out of my second trimester
  • Baby shower planning has begun (no dates yet)
  • We finally started a registry (please don't go look for it yet)
Not so good things:
  • Work is hard. My project is over budget and over schedule. I'm the "manager" and we just had a meeting about it. I'm stressed.
  • We bought a house. All good, but it's a LOT of work to get from our offer being accepted to the close of escrow. Stress, time, money.
  • Dad is recovering from major surgery and he's on my mind. I want him to get well. He doesn't even know we bought a house yet.
  • The registry needs work and I need to do more research on nearly everything.

I am overwhelmed in a way I'm having a hard time dealing with at the moment. I'm sure that college was harder than this at times. In fact, my most common answer to "How are you?" in college was "overwhelmed." It might just be my go to word for when I'm not doing well but answering "poopy" doesn't seem appropriate. Especially because life nearly always has some good stuff going on. There is SO much good in my life right now that I'm actually on the positive side of things, but the good stuff is stressful too. It's all just a lot to deal with. I have the time to unwind, but I don't know how. In the pre-pregnancy days I would have just had half a bottle of wine and felt much better. I can't do that today. I don't have a good way to unwind and it's just making me wound tighter.

And when I'm overwhelmed and stressed, baby kicks. I'd like to believe it's a comforting, "I'm here for ya mama" kind of reaction, but I think it's him getting freaked out too. It doesn't calm me down.

Oh, one final bright side: I'm healthy. So's kiddo. That's something that I really can be thankful for.

Days Pregnant: 173

Days to go: 107

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  1. It's funny, when I'm stressed, Baby kicks a lot less. He's much more active when I'm relaxed. I've always been under the impression that baby movement is generally good, so maybe he is just giving you a reassuring "pat." :-)