Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lately, the thing I keep hearing from my coworkers as they hear that I am pregnant and approach me about it is that I am glowing. What does this mean? I really don't get this phrase. I appreciate that they are trying to find a way to compliment me and I just take it lightly. But really, it's an odd thing that we tell pregnant women. I'm not typically beaming with happiness over this (I mean I am, but it's not like I walk around at work with a big grin on my face) and my skin isn't actually any more luminous.

I was curious, so I went and googled this. I found another pregnancy blog where someone had done some research and had come up with this:

Your skin does take on a glow - and there is a physiological explanation for it. As your blood volume increases throughout your pregnancy, superficial blood vessels carry more blood which can be seen on your face. In addition, your oil glands are secreting more, so you naturally have a glow without any additional exertion.

Pfft. I appreciate the compliments, but I feel like glowing is a silly word. Especially since my skin is the LEAST oily it's been since I was a little kid.

Anyway, apparently I'm glowing.

Days Pregnant: 167
Days to go: 113

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