Friday, August 13, 2010

Under Appreciated Mothers

I don't think I do enough for my mother. I think mothers in our society are grossly under appreciated.

Why this new thought pattern? Well, this week the fetal movement is starting to get painful. It's like someone shoved a foot and a half long, dexterous, multi pound person inside of me right where all of my organs are. Ouch. And hey, I get another 8-10 weeks for it to get bigger and cause more havoc.

So I asked my go to source for all pregnancy related things if she had pain from fetal movement, and of course she did. And she reminded me that some women have their ribs broken. And when the kid is out, it breastfeeds (at least mine will) and they bite and pinch and cause other pain when they're on the outside.

And today I'm having serious acid reflux.

I think my honeymoon phase of the second trimester may be over.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad I'm doing all of this, just, appreciate your mother more than you do.

Days Pregnant: 219
Days to go: 61

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