Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This all started because I'm tired and I want a coke.

Last night I had some acid reflux, so I curled up propped up a bit on an extra pillow and watched TV in bed with Eric. Then he turned off the TV and we both lay there and fell asleep. After a nap, Eric woke me up to tell me to go take my contacts out. A great plan! Also, getting into pajamas and brushing my teeth would be good too.

So I got ready for bed and climbed back into bed. But in round 2, nothing was comfortable. Being propped up hurt my back and laying on my normal pillow caused too much heartburn. And thus is (one of) the plague(s) of pregnant women everywhere.

I had a coworker stop me in the halls to congratulate me and ask me how I was doing. He is the father of two children and had such gems to tell me as "No one understands a mother's burden." Not even my own mother it seems.

Being pregnant now is awesome in a lot of ways. Modern maternity clothes are awesome and fairly easy to find. They're flattering and stylish. My medical care is also super good and it's been easy to follow whatever their recommendations are.

On the other hand, no caffeine, no alcohol, no smoking, no sushi, no roller coasters... all of these are things that would have just been part of life 50 years ago. And I wouldn't have to worry about getting the carseat installed and checked out by the fire department either. I'm super exhausted today, but I'm not a stay at home wife so I don't get to relax. I have to plow through work and try and get everything here done. Because if I don't, that's stressful and stress is bad too.

I use to think that I really liked living in the era that I do, but I'm not so sure anymore. Although I've been using solidworks all afternoon to make a really awesome 3D renering of one of my systems at work and that's really satisfying.

In any case, things.

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  1. I realize you posted this over a week ago but I think it would be fun if you added some pregnancy pictures to your blog. I love seeing you pregnant :)
    lots of love,