Monday, August 23, 2010

On Moving, not so much on baby

First and foremost, Eric is amazing. I can't believe how much work he did this weekend, and without complaint, and never yelled at me about being a lazy pregnant lady (although I was only lazy by normal person standards... I too worked hard and pushed it). And then he woke up early this morning with me and helped me unload his car so he could take mine into the shop for some recall work. It's been a while since I thought "Wow, I'm lucky to have him", but this weekend was some of that.

So, we moved! Hiring movers was FANTASTIC. In 7hours and 10 minutes all our stuff (ok, 98% of our stuff) moved from point A to point B. The new house is SO much bigger than the old apartment. With the garage and extra bedrooms and extra living space and GIANT dining room, we are super spread out. I imagine it'll first fill up and then empty out as we get all our stuff unpacked.

I spent yesterday trying desperately to unpack things. But here's the deal with unpacking while pregnant. I can't really move anything. So if there is a stack of boxes and I want to get at the 3rd one down, I have to unpack the two on top of it first. So I did a lot of unpacking the topmost boxes where they were. This meant a lot more running back and forth than I would have otherwise done, thereby leading me to get worn out even faster. But I watched a movie and then 2 episodes of TV yesterday (on the DVD player, no satellite set up yet), and for the most part I'd watch 10-15 minutes and then go unpack another box or so. I also managed to run the dish washer 3 times and actually make most of our plates and cups clean (maybe 1-2 more loads to go).

Here's the real problem I've hit. The kitchen is technically bigger than the old one, but it's organized completely differently, so I'm having a very hard time figuring out where things go. Also, the bathrooms are WAY smaller, so I have to be really careful about what actually goes into each bathroom. The long term (1 month??) plan is to get me an old school vanity that will live in the master (there's space for it!), and it'll hold all my hair and make-up products. But I have a lot of stuff. A lot. And I currently haven't unpacked ANY of it, besides what fits in a quart sized bag. Pfft.

Also, all of the rooms that are getting furniture screwed to the walls need to be painted still. Which means that the easy stuff to unpack (books, DVDs, etc), can't get unpacked because we A) don't know where the bookcases are going exactly, and B) will just need to move things in a month when we have painting help again. Not that I could move the book box anyway.

The new house is SO quiet. Anyone have a good noise machine recommendation? I'm good with the iphone app solution for now, but I think in the long term I want a more sophisticated machine.

Lastly, anyone in San Diego want to come hang out at my house some night this week or next week and keep me motivated? I figured out that I'm much more productive if I have someone else around to entertain me. It could also be helpful if you'd move boxes for me so I don't have to run around as much.

Days Pregnant:229
Days to go:51

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