Monday, August 16, 2010

Hard work is hard

Two quotes from Eric this morning:
1. You look like death.
2. This must be what it's like to be pregnant, you just hurt all over.

This weekend we really took possession of the new house. Thankfully, we have some truly remarkable friends who spent many hours with us over two days stripping wallpaper and painting two rooms. It was a LOT of work, but the babies room is done (except for the forthcoming mural), the dining room is void of flowery wallpaper (and most of the glue/paper stuck to the walls too!!), and the front living room is now green instead of two tone purple.

In terms of how this work was on my pregnant body, the short answer is hard. I didn't work as hard as everyone else, or work with toxic chemicals, but I did work about as hard as I was capable of for 2 solid days. Today my quads burn and my feet hurt and I'd like to spend the day laying down, except that hurts too.

In completely unrelated news, one of my coworkers (or building mates, I'm not sure), has a peach tree and approximately every 3 days there has been a bag of fresh peaches in the lunch room. Peaches are not a fruit that is very good in the typical San Diego grocery store. They're super hard and bitter and to get sweet they have to get really squishy. These peaches are nice and firm and super sweet and juicy. I've probably eaten a third of the peaches that have been in the lunch room myself and they're so amazing. I need to leave the peach tree owner a note :)

And there we have it for Monday morning.

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