Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bras and things

This is a post about bras.

You've been warned.

So, my boobs are trying to fall down and my belly is trying to push them back up again. It makes for an uncomfortable bra experience as there is virtually no space betwixt anymore. So I've tried different bras that I own, different combinations of times throughout the day (sleeping a bra, not sleeping in one, sports bras 24-7, sports bras at night... etc).

Then Victoria's Secret came out with the Incredible Bra. Now, since I've been bombarded with advertising for it, I started to ask my friends if anyone had tried it on. Having found a friend who not only tried it on, but bought it and was wearing it right then, I decided to go check it out.

I liked it. On first wearing, it seems to be everything they claimed it would be. Bra straps stay in place, padded well around under wire, seamless. Not only was it comfortable, but I actually managed to keep and bring with me the little $10 off a bra card for Victoria's Secret. So I bought one, and got the free pair of underwear too, which are also surprisingly comfortable. Now, of course, I somehow managed to buy the wrong size (band size too small), so I'm using my bra extender with it. But I think in the long run I may be more interested in the smaller size anyway because once I stop having baby pushing up into my rib cage I may go back to the smaller band size anyway.

Don't know if this is my long term bra solution, but I feel the most supported and the least squished I have in months and that's a good thing.

Days Pregnant: 232
Days to go: 48

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