Monday, May 3, 2010


Let me start this with something positive. I met a new doctor in my medical group this morning and she was fabulous. Very friendly answered my questions like she was talking to a peer and good bedside manner.

Now, I'm going to complain. I got to my 8:30am doctor's appointment at 8:28am. I left a urine sample and at 8:35am I was called back by a nurse. Weight, blood pressure and a few simple questions later I was left in an exam room with the words "The Doctor will be right in". After 40 minutes sitting and waiting, during which time I read a magazine and took a brief nap, the doctor finally came in. "I'm sorry, I got called away to surgery this morning and there wasn't time to call my patients and cancel or tell them to come in later."

Wow, really? I'm in this group of 7 doctors and the best solution to, hey, her doctor isn't here is to leave me sitting alone in an exam room with no explanation? Know what she did? She took a Doppler and listened to my stomach (heart rate of 165-170, yay!) and answered questions for 5 minutes for me. That's it. Someone else could have done that, delayed their schedule for a few minutes and I could have gotten on with my day. Oh, and then I needed my blood drawn. You know how long that all took? 15 minutes. I could have gotten my blood drawn WHILE I waited for the absent doctor and not delayed my morning even further.

Ok, I'm probably hormonal, and my blood sugar was low because I didn't eat before the doctor's visit. Boo. I'm irritated.

Days Pregnant: 117
Days to go: 163

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