Friday, May 14, 2010


Ewww, gross. Stop reading now and spare yourself this post.

You've been properly warned, this is gross. I woke up this morning to another bloody nose. Except, instead of bleeding out my face, it was bleeding back down my throat. I have a habit of spitting in the morning to clear my throat of any phlegm that my have built up. This morning, huge blood clot. Followed by several more over the next few minutes. I felt like I was bleeding so much from my mouth that I must have knocked out a tooth, but the blood was coming from the back of my mouth and not my teeth. I managed to get a tiny amount of blood to come out one nostril just to make sure it really was a nose bleed, and I'm right. Yucky! It also robbed me of my last hour of sleep. I am not a fan.

Days Pregnant: 129
Days to go: 151

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