Thursday, May 20, 2010

Childbirth Classes

Whoa. New overwhelming thing to research! Childbirth classes.

Ok, this is kind of a DUH moment, but I feel like after the miscarriages, I stopped planning ahead. I didn't want to let myself get excited again with this pregnancy, so I'm just taking things one day at a time. Well, I'm almost half way through (19 weeks now) and I guess it's time to start planning ahead. Yes, things can still go wrong, but I need to think to the future.

In the last week I have had several different people bring to my attention the fact that I need to start looking into childbirth classes. Ok! No problem, I'll get right on that. Wait, what's hypnobirthing? As it turns out, there are many types of childbirth classes. I wanted to find a book on the topic, but I was unable to. I just want something comparing the various options to me. I did find an article!

I'm not sure it really helps, but at least it gives me some sense. For example, as much as I think I want a natural birth, I don't really want anyone calling my contractions "energy surges". And I'm all about having my baby in a hospital. My hospital is cool because I will get a dedicated nurse, so that's pretty rad. I want to be prepared, but not in a new-agey sort of way. I still think I need to do more research, but right now I have a better sense of what is to come.

I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all. And it's the kind of thing that I need to make the decision about on my own. I'm waiting for that magic decision that needs to be made that I don't need to make!

Days Pregnant: 135
Days to go: 145

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  1. When you were born there were two types of classes that I was aware of, Bradley Method and Lamaze. We did Bradley.