Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This seems like a totally ridiculous time to be posting this...

Two of my friends from high school are pregnant. One is due about 2 weeks before I am and the other about 5 days after. That's just insane to me. How did I get to 8 months pregnant before I learned this? I guess the answer is that I haven't seen either of these women in years and I don't stalk facebook enough. But seriously, we're all having boys and it's just crazy to me how life works out.

In any case, pregnancy is motoring along. I'm a lazy bum and it's getting to Eric who is trying very hard not to complain at me about being pregnant, and does a very good job most of the time. I'm just about at 1 month out and it's crazy to me. There is still a lot to do, but the list is shrinking! The mural for the nursery will be started this weekend and we'll probably install the car seat soon after that. I'm having a friend make me cradle sheets and I'm going to pick out the fabric for that today! We're interviewing pediatricians next week and we've identified a few day care possibilities to check out in the next couple weeks as well.

I'm sleepy.

Days Pregnant: A lot
Days to go: A month

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