Monday, September 27, 2010

Last monday morning at work in 2010!!

Could this really be it, my last Monday morning at work this year?

I keep thinking I'm ready to have this baby already, but I think I'm just misdirecting my real desire. I think what I really mean is "I can't wait to stop coming to work while pregnant". I maybe just need to take a break from work in general. I don't know how most people do this year in and year out. Three weeks off a year would be fine if I could take it in one block every year and still be able to take the odd day here and there too. But I feel overworked and drained. Burned out.

So three months of maternity leave sounds just perfect, and being so close is making me antsy!

Sprat can stay in for another few weeks, that'd be great, but Mommy would like October to be here NOW.

My last thought of the morning: I don't mind it when people call me mommy. It's something I need to get use to. :)

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