Monday, September 6, 2010

Pregnancy is ok

I have a friend who just had a baby via surrogacy. She really hated being pregnant. I'm not sure about what quite went wrong with her pregnancy (besides the obvious that it ended 3 months early, but their kid is just fine several years later). But I thought I would comment that I don't really mind being pregnant. I need to whine about stuff a little mostly so that when I'm too worn out from painting for 2 days and doing a FULL day of shopping Eric understand when I'm too lazy too do stuff. But on the whole, I'm healthy and doing great. I think it's that health thing. Not having any complications (normal weight gain, fine blood pressure, no protein in my urine) makes pregnancy way way easier. I means sure, after a day on my feet they swell up HUGE, and I don't have any kind of serious stamina for stuff, but pregnancy is treating me well. I enjoy feeling Sprat wiggle around and in general life is good.

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