Tuesday, September 28, 2010

False Labor!

I had some false labor last night

So, I'm fairly sure I had about 8 hours of contractions yesterday. The first 4ish hours were kind of questionable to me because it was really just me noticing more fetal movement and sometimes noticing that my entire stomach had gotten really hard. There was no real sensation to it, certainly no pain. At least, the first several hours were like that.

After a few hours they got uncomfortable, but still not painful. But they were intense enough that it became a good idea to finally pack my birth bag. I had to stop and breathe every so often while walking around and collecting things.

I will say that it was really hard to try and time the contractions. They were fairly indistinct as it was, but Sprat really didn't like them, so he'd respond by moving when they were over and stretching out, causing various parts of my stomach to be hard because of the bones behind them.

At no point did I think I was in real labor, but I looked at it from a cautious angle and spent the time getting ready in case real labor did start. I went to bed because that seemed to make sense. When I woke up a few hours later to pee I did have another contraction, but they've stopped this morning.

Hopefully this means my uterus is getting nice and strong and labor will be easy and straight forward.

What an adventure!

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