Friday, July 9, 2010

Throat Ache

I can't decide if my heartburn is causing the morning sickness at this point or if the morning sickness is causing the heartburn. In either case, my throat hurts and I feel ill. What should I take for throat burning from acid?

I have about 3 months to go. That's a very intense mix of good and bad. Good because I still have time to be by myself (I will really miss that), we're moving and I have time to get ready for that and get good sleep (mostly), we still have a lot to do before Sprat gets here and lot of other reasons. But I'm starting to see why the second trimester was the easy phase. Trimester 3 is a lot like 1 was but with an ever expanding stomach and a lot more pain.

1 comment:

  1. You can try Tums for the heartburn although I'm not sure how well it will mix with the morning sickness.

    I'm with you on the mix of good and bad. I'm not ready for this baby to be here yet but it seems like every day is a little harder than the last. 7 weeks to go.