Friday, July 23, 2010

Post 100 and the pregnacy pain super hero

This is post 100!

And today's topic is again, the magic that it is to have a friend who understand what I'm doing wrong that's causing my body to hurt.

"Hey Lolly, my hip hurts. How do I fix it?"
"Where does it hurt, the top or the side?"
"Uh, I guess, the side."
"And is it muscle or bone? Does it ache or is it sharp pain"
"I'm not sure, it hurts when I move it."
"Ok, you're balance has shifted so you're using muscles in incorrect ways. Try to make sure you don't stick your let out to the side. Focus on walking with your legs straight in front of you and not off to the side, and when you get in and out of a chair, try to use both legs evenly and don't tilt."

5 minutes later I get up out of a chair, per her recommendations and low and behold, my hip, which has been aching like the Dickens all morning, doesn't hurt as much. Amazing!

Thanks Dance Major Lolly! You're my pregnancy pain superhero.

Days Pregnant: A lot
Days to go: way fewer

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