Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Problem identified, now I need a solution

I think I've figured something out, part of the reason I'm so stressed.

My life is no longer compartmentalized. It use to be that I left work at work. I didn't think about it when I went home and that stress and work stayed waiting for me to come in the next day. Now it's on the back of my mind all the time. Things at work are stressful and overwhelming and I'm sort of always running that program in the background.

Home doesn't stay at home either. I'm constantly thinking about house dilemmas and issues. I'm also worrying about the trust we're setting up and trying to work out details in the background.

My computer of a brain has slowed way down from all the overloading.

And, of course, pregnancy is kind of a 24/7 gig too. Last night I failed to sleep with my body pillow for part of the night and when I tried to roll over in the middle of the night I woke up in excruciating pain from my hip. Trying to move and being unable to from pain is unpleasant to the point of scary.

Weekends, while semi-lazy aren't the mind clearing experience they should be. I'm always wound too tight, but it's reached new levels lately.

I'm so ready for October, when work will be on serious hold, the house will be ours and moving will be over and hopefully the trust will be complete. I'm going to relish the joy of only one thing I'm trying to juggle, despite how big a thing that may be.

Days Pregnant: 202
Days to go: 78

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