Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two, Three, Four, Five, Seben, Three...

Happy 2013!

I'm doing that thing where you document the first kid's developments really well and the second kid gets less documentation. It's not that Jeremy isn't just as amazing (he is, maybe more so), it's that I don't have 2 seconds to myself most of the time and when I do, I just zonk out.

But instead of whining about how hard it is to have two kids in diapers (it's hard), I'll just give you the long awaited update.

Jeremy is 9 months old. He is oh so close to walking. He takes steps, stands up without pulling up on anything, and walks/runs around while pushing anything that he can. He is also a climber, getting into and out of our little kid chairs, up on to boxes, climbing up the little slide we have... just being and adventurer. He is talking, but he's taking a break from learning anything new there while he masters walking. He'll be 10 months old next week and he'll almost certainly be walking by then.

I quite like having a little walker. He wants to practice and explore a lot of the time so it's gotten easier for me. But he's still content to ride along in the beco while we're out in the world, so I don't have to deal with him walking out in public just yet.

As for teeth, he still only has the two bottom teeth although I'd like to believe I feel bumps where the top ones are working on coming in. *shrug* I also got teeth late.

His first Christmas was almost unnoticed, but he was downright cute, even if he didn't care. He posed in cute hats, outfits, with his stocking, with his new chair, with his brother... he was adorable!

Scott loved Christmas this year, although he mostly enjoyed the cookies and the dollar store trains he got. Trains are his new favorite.

Developmentally Scott is finally learning to talk. He has hundreds of words now and he's getting much smarter. He's learned his colors, knows most of the numbers (although he always counts 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 3, 4.... I don't know what happened to 1 or 6). He is learning about animals and what sounds they make. He loves all vehicles and all things that move really. His favorite book these days is "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and he can recite parts of it. My favorite is when he says "True Story!" because that's so cute.

The kids are starting to get along, although Scott is a bit of a bully right now. He will get frustrated if Jeremy gets in his space and he pushes him over regularly. But he will also share many things with his brother, both nice (toys) and not so nice (spinach). He'll do things in the car to make Jeremy laugh and that's wonderful. He always shows concern that the baby not get left behind.

Potty training still isn't in the sites yet, but we'll get there. However, having two kids that can play at the park is coming and that will be wonderful!

All in all, 2013 should be a lot of fun, and I'm SO excited to hit the point where I'm neither pregnant nor nursing and I can have my body back all to myself! No more checking out medications or worrying about a 2nd glass of wine! As for my body, I have lost all of the pregnancy weight, although as said by most women, I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy shape. My belly retains a lot of extra fat and that's frustrating. But I'm still working out and enjoying it, so the weight should continue to come off slowly.

And that's the news.

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