Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Dinners - January

I've decided to keep a record of what we eat for dinner in 2013, including whether or not Scott (and eventually Jeremy) ate it. My hope is to update this post every few days, and make a new post each month.

Jan 1 - Tacos (Eric). Scott LOVED the meat and cheese and also ate some orange bell peppers.
Jan 2 - Veggie stirfry (kale, parsnip, butternut squash, artichoke, leek, broccoli) over rice pasta with meatballs and red sauce (Laura). Scott ate the meatballs happily, had a couple of noodles, one piece of parsnip and more bell peppers.
Jan 3 - Fritatta with leftover veggies from the stirfry (Laura). Scott picked around the artichokes but generally ate the whole thing.
Jan 4 - Leftover Fritatta. Scott did a pretty good job again.
Jan 5 - Steak, Orzo with leeks and Peas, Salad. (Eric & Laura). Scott ate the steak after a lot of prodding. And then he ate some oranges.
Jan 6 - Bratwurst and bell pepper strips (Eric) - Scott ate a bratwurst and some peppers.
Jan 7 - Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice & Peas. (Eric) Scott grudgingly ate a few peas and when he ate any of the chicken he called it hot (it was spicy).
Jan 8 - Tacos (Eric). Scott ate his meat and cheese again (with somewhat less gusto than 1/1), some tortilla chips, some tomatoes and some bell peppers.
Jan 9 - Hot Dogs and Fruit Salad. (Laura) - Scott ate a hot dog with ketchup, some bun, and a bunch of fruit. He liked that much fruit at dinner.
Jan 10 - Lemon Pepper Cod over Spinach Salad. (Laura) - Scott ate snacks for dinner (raspberries, yogurt, cheese, etc). I tried to feed him spaghettios but he wouldn't even try them.
Jan 11 - Quesadilla (Eric). Scott ate his quesadilla with taco meat, cut up peppers and cheese happily.
Jan 12 - Costco whole pre-chooked Chicken, Cous-cous, Salad/Chicken Soup (Laura) - Scott ate the chicken and some tomatoes. He may have also had some bread. He never really ate much of the soup in subsequent lunches
Jan 13 - Beef and Eggplant Stew with Mashed Potatoes (Laura) - Scott ate some of the beef out of the stew but began a week of not eating much dinner tonight.
Jan 14 - Lemon Pepper Cod, Rice and Beans, Broccoli (Eric) - Scott surprised us by declaring Broccoli awesome and eating a ton of it. He ate about 1 bite of fish and about that much rice and bean mixture.
Jan 15 - Stew Leftovers - Scott ate some meat and bread again.
Jan 16 - No idea. It's been most of a week and I've totally forgotten what we ate. This is because we went off meal plan.
Jan 17- Chicken Leftovers - Scott ate the chicken, some sliced peppers and a few tomatoes.
Jan 18 -  Egg Scramble with Bacon, Pepper and cheese (Laura) - Scott ate some of it.
Jan 19 - Outback Steak and Sides (provided by Linda) - Scott ate none of it. His absolute worst night of dinner.
Jan 20 - Beet, Chicken, Goat Cheese Salad (Laura) - Scott surprised us and ate chicken, beets, goat cheese and spinach without too much force feeding (although we did steal his train and tell him he couldn't have it back until he ate a bite, repeatedly)
Jan 21 - Shepherd's Pie (Fresh and Easy) - Scott ate as much as we did, repeatedly asking for more! It was great.
Jan 22 - Tacos (Eric) -

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