Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sign and a 3rd Tooth!

Scott signed for the first time yesterday!

And today he cut his 3rd tooth!

But the signing, I went off to an event last night (and most of the afternoon) and left Scott home with daddy. We are working toward weaning, so we're focusing on food and not milk. He did really well and made it about 5 hours after I left. He was in the middle of dinner, happily eating, when he decided that he was done and it was milk time. Daddy tells me that he very deliberately signed milk, and upon being served milk, calmed right now. Super cool!

The tooth has no real story, except I'm looking forward to the other top tooth coming in so we can feed him more foods (although we don't really let teeth limit us too much right now), and so that sleep can go back to something more normal for us.

Scott is 9 months and 4 days old!

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