Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Formula before bed!

Ok, so we kicked Scott out of our bed like a week ago. So far so good. Well, mostly. He has still only been sleeping in 2 hour chunks, waking up pretty much every 2 hours like clockwork. LAME!

So I told my mom this and she suggested we give him formula before bed! My mom. My mom who made me cry because of the guilt trip she gave me for eating Jello while pregnant. So if it's approved by My mom, it must be worth trying.

We gave him 4oz of formula on Monday night (after Eric and I got the stomach flu and were both laid up all day), and he slept for 5 hours! Holy cow. He then nursed twice in an hour, and then slept for another 3.5 hours! That's insanity for us, and awesome. We tried again last night, another 5 hours! (Ok, I'm lying about both of these, in both cases, he woke up at some point during that 5 hour block, but he was able to be put back to sleep by Eric without needing to nurse, and fairly easily)

So tonight I will try giving him even more formula to see if we can make it longer. It's pretty exciting!

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