Thursday, July 21, 2011

One way ticket back to the nursery

Today is Thursday, I think.

On Tuesday night, Scott had his worst night on record. He fussed a bunch falling asleep, it took 3 nursing sessions and an extra hour, and even then, he woke up within 30 minutes. He proceeded to wake up every hour all night long, demanding nursing before falling back asleep. Then he woke up at 5:45, roughly an hour before he normally wakes up.

We have (ahem, had) his crib set up as a side car kind of thing, next to my side of the bed. So he had his own space, but he was right there for me to grab and tend to. It means I can nurse in bed too, and if he's on the right side, he can roll back into his crib when he's done.

But no more. Tuesday night was officially the last straw. Cosleeping is OVER. On Wednesday Eric and I (mostly Eric) moved the crib back into the nursery and we moved the nursing chair next to it. This way I can nurse in the middle of the night if I so choose, or just rock him.

Last night was the first tnight of this. Fortunately, I correctly identified sleepy cues, so we got him to bed at a good time. Then the night basically ran like clock work, with Scott waking up every 2 hours to nurse. SO not good for a 9 month old. But since I first need to get him use to being in his room again, I'm going to let him nurse at will for a while. Also, I'm SO sleep deprived, that I didn't have the energy to walk around with a crying child at 2:30am. Bleh. I'll work on cutting out night feedings soon, but not this week.

And I'm seriously reconsidering ever letting any future children into my bed. I think cosleeping was really nice for a while, but it only works as long as everyone is getting their needs met, and I haven't been for a while.

So Scott is back in his room, I am back to having my correct side of the bed, and now I'm actually getting out of bed 4x a night to tend to a little one. Hopefully things improve and Scott learns to sleep through the night before his first birthday.

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