Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleep musings

Ok, I realized that I needed to end writing today with something more interesting.

Scott has stopped falling asleep in the living room during our normal nightly activities... at least, he doesn't often do this. In fact, I've brought him to bed with me the last couple of nights to try and get him to sleep. A couple nights ago he was nursing and I was playing a game on my phone, illuminating my face. He stopped nursing and just stared at me, smiling and cooing. Very cute, but I wanted sleep. So I put my phone down and we lay there quietly in the dark and he fell asleep. Interesting. I repeated last night, laying in the dark and again, he fell asleep. This gives me hope that maybe he'll be able to go to sleep on a ritual soon, maybe even getting him to sleep in his crib while I stay up and do things for a bit after he goes to bed, before I bring him to bed with me.

Sleep has not been an issue, but it's interesting to see how it's all developing.

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