Monday, January 3, 2011

Daycare Freakout

I'm back at work today for real. I'm attempting to work 3 days a week. This is day one.

Eric is currently still home with Scott, but he's going to be taking him to his first day of daycare shortly. I know I've been away from Scott before, and left him in the care of others, but prior to now it was all a one-on-one basis. That was much easier to think about. I'm trying to be really good and not freak out, but I'm getting so nervous about leaving my little boy in the care of people who will have other babies to look after at the same time. Sometimes he just wants to be held and walked around. Will he get that kind of care? I'm actually starting to cry over this.

Oh good, and if I didn't have enough pulling at my heart strings, Eric just called to tell me that he's gone through about 15 oz of frozen breast milk and it has all gone bad. That sucks as there is no fresh pumped stuff and it potentially means that all of the frozen milk is bad. I don't have a system for getting milk for him on Monday.

I'm maybe not ready for this after all it seems. But financially it makes sense for me to work. This sucks.

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