Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12 week update (partially about mommy)

Scott is now 12 weeks old! And mom is back to work. And family is all gone for now.

I feel like I'm dealing with a lot of icky stuff right now. The most dramatic things are work related. I'm back at my job now 3 days a week. Leaving Scott in the care of daycare sucks, but it's a necessary evil. When I'm in a good mood I'm generally really positive about it because this is what's happening so I'm doing my best. I think daycare overall is good. It'll get Scott use to sleeping in a crib by himself, it'll socialize him (you know, when that becomes important), tt gives him variety that he craves, and I get to keep working. Working is sort of nice for all the obvious reasons, and it is a major financial benefit for my family because my benefits are awesome and my paycheck only goes half to the daycare costs.

But work is lame too. When I started here, I started with my best friend from college. We were roommates for 2 years, and then friends for 2 years, and then we had offices next to each other for 4 years. That's some serious support. The company is full of people a generation above us, and mostly men, so having that support network was key to us both surviving here. Then a year and a half ago, we got another friend of ours from college to start working here when she graduated! Score. But as of today, they've both moved on to other things, in other cities and I'm the last remaining female scientist in the san diego office. Today I ate lunch in my office and got a lot of sad looks from people. I spend a good portion of my time either crying or trying not to cry. It will ge easier, I know, but today is sad. I miss my baby and I miss my friends. I am SO thankful that tomorrow is one of my days at home with the kiddo.

So Scott has his first "cold"... although it really just seems to be some snot that's rattling around in his sinuses. He isn't coughing, has no fever, doesn't seem TOO much more fussy than normal, and no snot has come out of his nose. And he can still breath through his nose, if with somewhat more difficulty. This has been mostly fine, except last night he was basically snoring. He kept me awake for hours in the middle of the night while he slept peacefully, just loudly. On the bright side, he went 7 hours without eating and only ate once in the middle of the night! That's a really excellent thing! Now, if we can manage again, it'll be fantastic! Not that I get a choice mind you, but I can be excited when things go well.

In other news, Scott didn't poop at all yesterday for the first time ever. Babies do that, so I wasn't worried. But when I talked to dad this morning, he told me that the poop strike had ended after I left for work and in his words, "There was poop everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! And then he peed while I was changing him." I do more than my fair share of the diapering, so this really made me laugh. It was probably the only funny and truly wonderful thing to come out of today so far. Thank you Scotty for making mommy's day!

Overall, motherhood is good but life is hard. I know things will get easier, but I'm allowing myself to wallow for a little while.

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  1. At first I thought you meant you were talking to your dad, not Eric. Substituting in "Eric" makes a lot more sense.

    I hope things are getting better. I saw your fb post about dropping your computer on your foot and needing help today. I'm tied up today, but its high time I held Scott. I can start tomorrow if need be. I'm off from work.