Monday, January 16, 2012

33 week update

I haven't posted in a while. Not that I haven't thought of things to post, I've just either talked myself out of it or I've gotten too busy/distracted and then forgotten about it.

So where are we? Scott is officially 15 months old! I am officially 33 weeks pregnant. At home, these two facts are easily managed together. Scott is fairly independent and he is pretty good at listening to me when I say no. Our house is also relatively child-safe (nothing is child-proof). But going out with Scott is getting progressively harder. Even just going out in the backyard. I struggle to get him in/out of the carseat without hurting myself in any way. I can't bend over and hold his hands for very long while he goes up and down stairs and he likes to run off (as he should!) so I end up chasing him a lot. We don't get outside often.

Instead, I'm trying to come up with good indoor activities for him. We color (he's not really there yet), play with playdough (he loves it!) throw balls around, play with puppets, play in his ball pit, and anything else I can think of that will be fun. Tomorrow we are going to bake sugar cookies and he is going to get to play with some dough while I do the baking.

I was going to write that "pregnancy isn't particularly difficult"... which is true, but it's not easy etiher. It's getting progressivley harder to do just about everything. My belly sits on my legs when I sit up. Bending over to do things like get stuff out of the dryer causes low back pain. I have contractions every day, typically for at least an hour and sometimes they hurt! I wake up every time I roll over at night, I have to get up to pee most nights, getting out of bed is hard. Basically, it's nothing I can't handle. I don't have any complications. But I still don't like it and I am SO happy that 2 months from now, I will be done with pregnancy forever. We are only having 2 kids, and so this is it. On the bright side, last pregnancy I was talking about how my feet swelled up at the end of a day running around... and I have none of that this time! Phew.

We are trying to wean Scott from a bottle before new baby gets here. I'd like to prevent any jealously or bottle stealing if I can avoid it. But Scott is being amazing and letting us switch to water in his bottle some of the time now. I think that if we could remember to give him milk with meals, we could get him off the bottle in like a week. I think that might be the end of January goal, we'll see.

I cut caffeine out of my diet. It was rough, but I'm through it and it's not so hard on the other side. Of course, I've started putting myself first instead of Scott so he entertains himself in his crib a little longer some mornings and Eric has to step up other mornings. I need the sleep to function at a good level and I need support to get the sleep.

All in all, pregnancy is trying, I'm mentally sick of it, ready to have my body back and so glad an end is in sight. Scott is doing well, he's cute and generally polite and very sweet. He'll feed you food if you ask for some of what he has and he is trying out language every day. Last night he pointed at a pear and clearly wanted it. When daddy asked if he wanted it as a ball or if he wanted to eat it, he responded with "Eat it".

Days Pregnant: 231
Days to go: 49

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