Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Let me start this post with a quote from Eric.

"If I'd anticipated this situation when suggesting we have kids this close together, I maybe would have put a little more space between them."

For the last couple of weeks we've been sick. It started with a head cold in our 7.5 month old. Nothing big, but started the disrupted sleep (waking up every 2 hours). Next, Eric got it. He was so sick he took a day off from work to tend to himself. Somewhere after that Scott got a little bit sick too, but nothing huge. At least, until last Thursday when Scott threw up in the middle of the night. Oh so gross. Eric and I both jumped up to tend to it and it took everything out of us. Friday Scott stayed home from daycare with Eric and then Eric decided Scott needed to go see the doc for potential pink eye. Scott did indeed have pink eye, and also an ear infection. So we started him on eye drops and heavy duty antibiotics. Scott was lethargic and not eating, so he wouldn't cooperate with us on Saturday and eat the yogurt he was highly recommended to have between the doses of antibiotics. So the diarrhea started. I'll get back to that.

Fast forward to Sunday night. By this point, Scott was getting better. So when Jeremy threw up in the middle of the night, we were thrown off. We changed the sheets and got him back to sleep, only to have Scott throw up in bed. We changed HIS sheets. Then Jeremy woke up again, and wanted to eat. I nursed him back to sleep in my bed as I tend to do, and Jeremy threw up in OUR bed. So we changed those sheets and just sat awake for a couple of hours. At about 2:30am I started to feel ill. But it was at roughly 5am that I started throwing up too. That makes 3 of us who were throwing up in the middle of the night, 3 beds that had had sheets changed and 3 loads of laundry after we went to bed at 11pm.

All of us stayed home on Monday to deal with the throwing up baby, the throwing up mommy and the toddler who had developed DIAPER RASH from all the diarrhea. Oh, and I forgot to mention that on Saturday Eric had also come down with pink eye. So for those of you keeping track, that marks 2 cases of pink eye, 2 cases of bronchitis (didn't even really mention this), 2 stomach flus, 2 head colds, 1 bad case of diaper rash, and 1 ear infection. It was a day of steam mopping/wet vacuuming up vomit, trying to hold down enough liquid myself that I could actually make breast milk, trying to get the baby to hold down breast milk long enough to not get deadly dehydrated and trying to keep in good enough spirits that we didn't hate each other at the end of it.

I have forgotten every part of this saga by now (Tuesday, god). We are past the worst of it. Monday night there was throwing up by both children immediately prior to going to bed, and throwing up by the youngest immediately upon waking in the morning, but none of that was in beds, so we all slept on the same sheets all night long. By now we are down to just the DIAPER RASH and the bronchitis. But we are also super worn out and kind of at wits end.

Moral of the story, I'm super happy to have a washing machine in my garage.

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